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PHIL TOWN’S RULE #1 INVESTING “Let The Best Investors In The World Teach You How To Get Rich”.


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The #1 Strategy for Successful Investing

Phil Town, Two-Time #1 NY Times Best Selling Author and regular contributor on CNBC, FOX, MSNBC, is the classic Everyman, albeit one whose education and resources were more limited than most. An average high school student, he completed college on his fourth try. Of his early working years, he says he “mostly got dirty for a living”, taking on jobs such as digging ditches and pumping gas. Phil Town spent three and a half years in the Army, returned from the Vietnam War and found a job in the States as a river guide.

Drifting through California, Utah, and Idaho, he subsisted at poverty level, combining his wages from the guiding season and unemployment. He wore black leathers, sported a goatee, lived in a teepee in the woods near Flagstaff, Arizona, and “drove around in a really loud black Harley Davidson”. In the early ’80s, Phil Town’s life changed radically. He was guiding trustees from the educational program Outward Bound down the nastiest rapid on the Grand Canyon’s Colorado River, when his split-second decisions saved a boatload of people from a whitewater disaster. A grateful and financially astute client returned the favor by guiding Phil Town into serious, successful investing using the first rule of investing as ascribed to by Warren Buffett: Don’t lose money.

Within five years, Phil Town had built a borrowed $1,000 into $1.45 million and from there into millions more. Phil lives with his wife, Melissa, on a horse farm south of Atlanta, Georgia.


RULE #1 INVESTING | Event Details

  • How to manage your money successfully.  

  • How to find great investments.
  • How to know a business has a moat.
  • Buffett’s 2 simple ways to value a business.
  • How to use “arrows” to avoid losses in mutual funds and ETF’s.
  • How to get 20% per year cash flow.
  • How to create an inflation proof portfolio.
  • How to use simple options for cash flow starting with just $2,000 and how to turn that into $3 million in 5 years.
  • How to do all this in just minutes a week.


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