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  • How to manage your money successfully.

  • How to find great investments.
  • How to know a business has a moat.
  • Buffett’s 2 simple ways to value a business.
  • How to use “arrows” to avoid losses in mutual funds and ETF’s.
  • How to get 20% per year cash flow.

  • How to create an inflation proof portfolio.
  • How to use simple options for cash flow starting with just $2,000 and how to turn that into $3 million in 5 years.
  • How to do all this in just minutes a week.

Hack THIS Market Crash with Your Pro Guide — Phil Town

Phil Town is an American investor, 3x New York Times bestselling author and founder of Rule #1 Investing, the largest value investing training company in the world.

In August 2007, on CNBC, Town predicted the 2008 market meltdown. In March 2009, he went back on CNBC and said he was getting back in the market and at his first 3 Day Workshop in June 2009, Town’s students created a 10-stock portfolio that ultimately produced a 1257% return over the next ten years. In 2019, Town told his students he was ‘going to cash’ in anticipation of “an economic storm that will briefly rain gold”, quoting Warren Buffett.


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Phil Town’s Rule #1 strategy was ranked the AAII #1 highest return in the US in 2014 at 56.4% and the #2 highest return in 2019.

“WOW, I can’t say enough.”

I can’t wait to apply the techniques you’ve proven. In addition to making me a successful investor…I’m also certain that many of the concepts learned will help my own company to be more successful.

THANKS AGAIN…for going over the TOP to help others. I believe this knowledge will change my life and allow us to build generational wealth for my children and their children.

Mike, Rule #1 Student

“This will really make a difference in my life and yours.”

This was the best weekend about heartfelt life-changing investing education in alignment with my true values. The man who created this is lovely and full of integrity. He does this because he loves doing it. I want to offer this workshop to everyone I love and care about including all of my children, and my friends and business associates. I’m so excited to learn more from Phil and the coaches! AND the price of the weekend was so inexpensive — the value you get will blow you away!

— Cindy, Rule #1 Student

“Absolutely incredible.”

Thank you for the inspiration and giving us the tools to truly change our lives.

— Joshua, Rule #1 Student

“This has the potential to totally change your financial future with understandable, doable, rational steps.”

Run, don’t walk, to sign up for this course. Phil Town and his team have integrity and soul, you can tell that they’re just hoping to help as many people as possible to achieve financial freedom. I can’t wait to put all I learned into practice!

— Anke, Rule #1 Student

“I liked that it was interactive and gave me a chance to ask questions.”

I enjoyed learning and being able to practice the rules. I liked using real world examples to apply these tools. I also like that this whole method was simplified.

— Niki, Rule #1 Student

“The information taught is understandable and eye opening.”

Definitely worth the time & money! The course is of great value!

— Perry, Rule #1 Student

“Millions of investors were shocked by this historic market crash, while Rule #1 students were prepared. For them, the opportunity of a lifetime is just beginning. This is when fortunes are made and generational wealth is created. If you don’t know how to take advantage of this market, I will teach you how and maybe you’ll never have to work again.”


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