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The Crash of 2020 isn’t over…
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Most investors watched in horror as the market dropped 37%. Rule #1 Workshop students were prepared.

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Virtual Weekend Workshop:
May 22 – 24 | June 12 – 14 | June 26 – 28

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May 22-24
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Hack THIS Market Crash with Your Pro Guide — Phil Town

Phil Town is an American investor, 3x New York Times bestselling author and founder of Rule #1 Investing, the largest value investing training company in the world.

In August 2007, on CNBC, Town predicted the 2008 market meltdown. In March 2009, he went back on CNBC and said he was getting back in the market and at his first 3 Day Workshop in June 2009, Town’s students created a 10-stock portfolio that ultimately produced a 1257% return over the next ten years. In 2019, Town told his students he was ‘going to cash’ in anticipation of “an economic storm that will briefly rain gold”, quoting Warren Buffett.

His students were prepared for this market crash. This 3 Day Virtual Workshop aims at a repeat of the 2009 workshop results for students. The focus of the workshop is how ordinary, novice investors can use the continuing market meltdown to become financially independent.

Phil Town’s Rule #1 strategy was ranked the AAII #1 highest return in the US in 2014 at 56.4% and the #2 highest return in 2019.

Only: $297 USD

I’m Ready to Invest

“Millions of investors were shocked by this historic market crash, while Rule #1 students were prepared. For them, the opportunity of a lifetime is just beginning. This is when fortunes are made and generational wealth is created. If you don’t know how to take advantage of this market, I will teach you how and maybe you’ll never have to work again.”

Discover what Rule #1 investors did to come out on top with the Rule #1 Virtual Workshop.

Virtual Weekend Workshop:
May 22 – 24 | June 12 – 14 | June 26 – 28

It all comes down to being able to buy a $10 bill for $5. This market, right now and through this next year, is your opportunity to do this. Once you learn the Rule #1 strategy, you’ll know how to:

  • Pick wonderful long-term businesses
  • Determine what a business is worth
  • Build a market crash-proof portfolio
  • Create cash flow with only $1000
  • “Coat-tail” or copy top investing gurus
  • Become financially independent forever

Only: $297 USD

I’m Ready to Invest

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3 Days That Can
Change Your Life

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Get the best investing education in the world from Phil Town and his faculty – teachers who walk their talk.

Live Personal

($995 value)

Over 6 hours of small-group sessions with your live expert – Certified Rule #1 Coach – to tackle your stumbling blocks.

3 Months of Access to
the Rule #1 Toolbox

($90 value)

With Phil’s online Toolbox research that used to take days now takes seconds.

*** Please know that the virtual workshop is NOT RECORDED and will not be available after it’s conclusion. To receive maximum benefit from the education taught and coaching at the workshop, YOUR ATTENDANCE EACH DAY IS IMPORTANT. ***

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Start Your New Investing Journey Coaching
Phil Town kicks-off the event and you find your first investment.

  • Rule #1 Investing Overview
  • Introduction to the tools you’ll use over the weekend
  • Your advantages as a novice investor
  • The Buffett Checklist: Steps 1, 2 and 3

Find Out Exactly How to Choose Great Businesses Like a Pro
Learn the process that great investors like Warren Buffett use to pick great companies.

  • 3 simple ways to find the right price to pay
  • How to know it’s NOT on sale
  • How to avoid making a mistake
  • How to create a professional investment analysis

Create Cash Flow and Your Million Dollar Portfolio
Through group collaboration and applied research, you’ll create a Rule #1 portfolio for the coming market crash.

  • Cash flow strategies to reduce risk and increase returns
  • How to build a fortune in this market starting with $1000
  • The simple secret to great investing from Japan’s “Warren Buffett”
  • Doubling your return with little extra risk – Advanced cash flow strategy

Only: $297 USD

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